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8.30-9.30 Coffee and Registration
Introduction from Conference Chair

Roger Jenkins, Strategy Director, Kumho Tire Europe

9.30-10.00 - Keynote Speech: “EU tyres labelling scheme”

Juan Moreno Acedo, Department of General Energy, European Commission - Directorate - General for Energy

Q and A session

10.00-10.30 -  Refreshment and Networking Break

10.30-11.00 - Entering the EU Tire Labelling Era

The presentation will focus on the company's position with regard to the new EU Tire label,  the way GYDU prepared for the implementation of the Label and liaised with the different key stakeholders.

Lie Junius, Director Public Affairs EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop EMEA

11.00-11.30 -  Sustainable Mobility - How to bring it on the road?

In their history, the tire and rubber industry have experienced a number of game changing events. While the first half of the last century focussed on rubber supply/demand aspects regarding Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber, radial passenger car tires celebrated their breakthrough on the back of the gazoline- and oil crisis, reducing tire weight and fuel consumption, due to design changes. Now, with high fuel cost and the need to reduce CO2 emissions, the performance of tire materials, such as synthetic rubber, are most critical. The presentation focusses on the challenges and opportunities that the industry is going to master in a world tire labeling initiatives.

Christoph H. Kalla, Head of Global Marketing, Business Unit Performance Butadiene Rubbers, Lanxess

11.30-12.00 - Perspectives from a tyre oil producer: Why tyre labelling will change the raw material landscape

Reflecting the change the European PAH legislation has enforced the previous decade. Illustration of the impact tyre labelling will have on raw material suppliers on a European and global scale. Projections how raw material suppliers will bring future tyre labelling further.

Thorsten Lutze, Marketing Manager Tyre Oils, Nynas AB

12.00-12.30 - The new EU label and changes to industry pricing and market share

Will established players expand their pricing premium and dominant market share in Europe? Or will Asian tyre makers leverage the new EU label as a marketing tool to gain share and pricing power?  Edoardo Spina will discuss risks and opportunities for tyre manufacturers following the introduction of the new EU labelling regulation.

Edoardo Spina, Tyre and Auto Parts Equity Research Analyst, Morgan Stanley

12.30-1.00 Review of the morning’s programme

Conference Chairman - Roger Jenkins, Strategy Director, Kumho Tire Europe
Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, ETRMA
Peter Taylor, ITMA

1.00-2.00 -  Lunch Break and Table Top Visit

2.00-2.30 - Silica, continuous innovation for the tire industry

Silica has been a key enabler during the launch of low rolling resistance tires for passenger cars.  During the past 10 years, tire makers have learnt to make the best of silica based compounds, together with ever more sophisticated rubbers. This has led to significant improvements in both tire performance and sustainable mobility.    Nowadays, the stakes are to introduce silica in other parts of the tire, outside of the tread and to offer the same  benefits to truck tires. The difference of processability compared to carbon black will lead to the development of more dispersible silicas .

Philippe Jost, Rhodia Silica Project Innovation Director, Rhodia

2.30-3.00 Extender oils role in global tire labeling  

Tire labeling focuses on three aspects of tire performance (1) rolling resistance as it relates to fuel efficiency, (2) wet grip and (3) noise.  The various components of the tire, from the rubbers to the fillers, to the oils, all have different effects on the tire performance.  Since the move from aromatic extracts, several oils have gain prominence due to performance and/or supply.  In Europe, the predominate oils are TDAE & RAE while in the United States it is Heavy Naphthenics and  Heavy Naphthenic Black Oils. 

Technically, it is possible to formulate with all the different Aromatic Replacement  mineral Oils, but there are often performance differences and supply differences. 

We will discuss the availability of naphthenic mineral oils and black oils world-wide and present data on the effects of the various oils on the physical properties of the rubbers made from model formulations with respect to current tire labeling criteria.

Jimmy Rasco, Vice President-Global Base Oil Technology, Ergon Inc.

3.00-3.30 - Tailor Made Functionalized Polymers in response to Tire Labeling

The greenhouse gas most commonly produced by our activities is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is responsible for 63% of man-made global warming. One of the main sources of CO2 in the atmosphere is the combustion of fossil fuels - coal, oil and gas.

Road transport contributes about one-fifth of EU’s total emissions of CO2 and if this trend continues transport is expected to contribute 50% of all CO2 emissions in EU by 2050. With the importance of global warming and the impact on climate change, it became obvious for car manufacturers to support the reduction of CO2 emission by developing better fuel efficiency cars (Combustion Engine Down-sizing, Hybrid Cars, EV Cars) and for Tire Makers to propose new technologies that can reduce the fuel consumption.

During the presentation it will be demonstrated how the use of Functionalized Synthetic Rubber in tires can overcome these challenges that are facing to us.

Olivier Veron, Sales & Marketing Manager, Synthetic Rubbers Business, Styron Europe GmbH

3.30-4.00 Refreshment and Networking Break

4.00 - 4.30  - Economy Brands and Tyre Labelling

What effects of tyre labelling will have on Economy brands from Asia.  He will also discuss how tyre labelling will help Economy brands grow in Europe and how Asian Manufacturers have benefitted from the tyre labelling laws.

Harjeev Kandhari, Director, Al Dobowi Group /Infinity Tires

4.30 - 5.00 Review of the Afternoon programme

Conference Chairman - Roger Jenkins, Strategy Director, Kumho Tire Europe
Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, ETRMA
Peter Taylor, ITMA

5.00pm - 7.00pm Networking Drinks Reception                      


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